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Founder Acarya, His Divine Grace
A.C. Bhaktivendanta Swami Prabhupada

Essence of Bhagavad-Gita

-Study Group-
Learn the practical application of Bhagavad Gita in our daily lives through weekly conference call. This course is conducted in four sections as follows:


Spiritual scientist (Discover Your Self)

The course helps one to scientifically discover one’s real identity and one’s relationship with the Supreme. A material scientist knows only the atom; a spiritual scientist knows the soul, which is spiritual.This knowledge helps him find goal, mission and vision of life.



Positive Thinker (Spirit of Bhagavad gita)

This course helps one with the Positive spirit needed to tap the powerful message of Gita.It helps one to identify divine guide in your life and to obtain the necessary qualifications to become a cheerful positive thinker in life by knowing the sublime truths.


Self Manager (Basics of Bhagavad gita)

This course teaches not the art of managing men, machine, material, market and money, but managing ones own life by a holistic approach that combines knowledge of God’s position and practical application of mantra meditation.



Proactive Leader(Secret of Bhagavad gita)

This course prepares one to become a Proactive Leader.All of us at some moments or the other, become victims to anger, lust and pride and feel sorry for our un- exemplary behaviour.The Proactive Leader is a thoughtful person who gives a positive spiritual response, by knowing what is illusion opposed to reality and the resultant effects of all types of action.

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Spiritual scientist (Discover Your Self) 
1.Introduction to Bhagavad gita 
2.Material problems, Spiritual solutions
3.Getting the eyes of Knowledge
4.Vedas – the privelege of Humanity
5.Science of Soul
6.Different platforms of Worship

Positive Thinker (Spirit of Bhagavad gita) 
1.Identifying my divine guide 
2.Spirit of Bhagavad gita 
3.Qualifications of an ideal Disciple 
4.Reincarnation – fact or fiction? 
5.Evolving towards Perfection

Proactive Leader(Secret of Bhagavad gita)
1.The three ropes that bind us
2.Surpassing Maya
3.Our lost home – Kingdom of God
4.Karma – the law of infallible justice
Self Manager (Basics of Bhagavad gita) 
1. Peace Formula 
2.Who should be the object of my worship?
3.God or gods
4.Is God Personal or impersonal?
5.The Art of Salf Management